Detailed Rules


Discord Chat:   The crew uses discord to communicate among ourselves, to plan and work together, find lobbies, and the leadership uses it to frequently send important announcements to the crew.  Discord is an essential resource, and it is strongly recommended that you use it while in game so you can benefit from collaborating with crew members.  Discord works on nearly all mobile devices and web browsers.  It will make your time more fun and productive.  If you are not yet on discord, see the “Apply” page for a link to join it. Be sure to set your nickname the same as your gamertag!  Remember to check your direct/private messages, especially if there is some incident with another crew member.  Use of Discord is a requirement.

Cargo: “Cargo” is defined by any valuables being moved within a session, like Crates, Crate Vehicles, MC Products, Import/Export Vehicles, Gunrunning cargo.  Cargo is under NO CIRCUMSTANCES to be attacked or intentionally destroyed by other PCEO members.  Intentionally destroying another PCEO member’s cargo is not tolerated in any lobby, and the offender may be subject to an immediate permanent ban from the crew.  Although mistakes may happen and are understandable, Carelessness and Negligence are not excuses for destroying cargo, and are punishable as well.  Think first before you act.  For example, using lock-on missiles is dangerous near other people’s cargo.  Using proximity mines is a very bad idea because they may harm someone’s cargo in the lobby hours later.

Killing Other PCEO Members: Intentionally killing PCEO members is not tolerated in any lobby. Any offender in violation of this rule may be subject to a temporary ban.  A second violation may result in a permanent ban from the crew.  Accidental killings happen, we all get that.  Whether it be someone running into the tail-rotor of a helicopter, or accidentally locking into another PCEO member while firing at NPC enemies, it happens.  Think first, and look very closely at what you’re about to shoot at if you’re locking on to something.  Carelessness and negligence are not an excuse.  Do not retaliate if something happens.

Resolving problems   An admin, defender, or community representative may contact you after an incident.  Just let them know what happened.  They’re not trying to police you, they’re just making sure everything is alright.  If something happens between crew members, it is in your interest to respond to any questions.  Apologize when an accident happens, to the person who was affected, and to anyone else who may have been involved.  We’re all on the same team, and treat each other with respect.

Griefing includes any of the following:  Intentional trolling, Destroying another member’s personal vehicle (includes Pegasus and Special vehicles), “Trapping”/Rendering another member incapable of moving or completing an objective, Harassment, Hateful or unfriendly voice or text communication, Interfering in another PCEO member’s VIP/MC/CEO work like sales missions, headhunter, etc.  These are special cases, and may have different punishments for each particular offense.   Each case will be thoroughly assessed and discussed.

PCEO Tags:

The PCEO (or PCE7) tag serves the same purpose as an identification card: It enables everyone in our sessions to know immediately who is PCEO, and who is a random player. Outside of our sessions, members may wear any tag they please.  It is mandatory for members to wear the PCEO tag in our lobbies.   If you accidentally enter our lobby without your PCEO tag on, leave the lobby right away.  If a member chooses not to wear the tag in our sessions, that member is treated no differently than a random player, even if the member tries to identify him/herself as PCEO via message.  No PCEO tag = leave the lobby.  To switch to other crew tags, do not leave the PCEO crew.  You can join another crew and then switch between crews very quickly from story mode.

Dealing with “Random” (non-PCEO) Players:

Random players are any player in a PCEO session that is not wearing the PCEO tag.   Do not kill or pursue randoms – leave the area.   Since Random players are non-PCEO members, they may not be aware of our policy of peace, or even care.   Stay away from random players.  These players are not technically considered hostile, but may turn hostile. They will be under surveillance by the Defenders.

  • If a Random player comes near your cargo or is following one of your cargo vehicles, you may protect your cargo and fire on the random solely for the purpose of protecting your cargo. 
  • You can get out of the cargo vehicle, so their focus is not on your cargo (not locking-on) and defend the cargo if necessary.
  • If your cargo is destroyed for any reason, force-quitting the game immediately will save it.
  • The only time it’s appropriate to kill a non-PCEO player while wearing your crew tag, is if that player is coming for your cargo.

Take no other action against a Random  — do not send a message, do not chat or join a party, don’t reply to any message from them, don’t bounty, don’t chase, attack or kill, do not send muggers, mercenaries or strike teams.   

Never hire a Random player into your organization. Before hiring, press D-pad down to check the player list.  If there are any randoms in the lobby, remember who they are and do not hire them.  If you accidentally hire a random and work with them, you are subject to disciplinary action.  You will also assume responsibility for what they do.  It is your responsibility to disband or dismiss them immediately, and to vote-kick them.

If a random (or anyone else) kills you, do not retaliate or kill them back, just leave the area.

Vote-kicking randoms takes priority over everything.  Stop what you are doing and vote-kick the random.  It is for the safety of everyone’s investments, including your own.

Stay away from randoms.  Lobby Defenders will be doing their duties, and they do not want you interfering or creating more confusion. Defenders are protecting you and your cargo.  If you are moving cargo and the site of conflict is in your path, take a detour.    If hostile players remain in the session for an extended period of time, it is recommended that everyone avoid running cargo until the situation is dealt with.

Solo VIP/MC/CEO and large lobbies:

Running a solo organization for a long time in a large lobby is not permitted.  PCEO is a big community, and we all have things we need to get done in our conquest for wealth. We all have cargo to run, drugs to sell, etc.   A lobby is limited to 10 registered organizations per 30 players.   Some members have said that they prefer to “work alone” and they can do that in a small lobby.   When all VIP slots are filled in a session of 15+ members, solo organizations don’t allow everyone to participate and have work. Don’t be selfish, be courteous.  Players should team up in groups of 2-4 and rotate organizations within their respective groups.   Before hiring, press dpad-down to check the players list and make sure you are not about to hire a random.  Send out frequent invites to other players between cargo runs and sales, to give members plenty of chances to join up with you.  If you can’t yet get a space to register, then offer to help others, or find other productive things to do.  We can all use a helping hand and most of our members are more than happy to help.  Remember to offer to return the favor!  If you want to create a small lobby, visit Guides & Resources on our web site.

AFK  (away from game, etc)

Extended AFK time in our lobbies is not permitted.  DO NOT USE ANY AFK “exploit” in our lobbies.  If you are going to be gone for a few minutes, fine.  If you’re gone longer, then GTA will idle you out.  AFK members interfere with the defense of the lobby, and takes up space that could be used by other members.  You can go AFK in any random lobby.

VIP/MC/CEO work:

Some work takes much too long, and can stop others from doing their work.  For this reason, these ones  SHOULD NOT  be run in our lobbies:    Executive Search,  Piracy Prevention,  Fortified,  Ramped Up,  Stockpiling,  Amphib Assault,  Fully Loaded,  Stand Your Ground,  Guns for Hire,  Velocity.

Freemode events:

A member participating in a freemode event such as Business Battle should not be interfered with.  Be courteous, and wait for the next freemode event, OR just avoid them…  Business battle does not announce who did all the work to unlock goods, so other members may not be aware.  Please do not create drama over a crate worth $15,000.   We are here to HELP each other, not compete with each other.

Proximity mines:

Use of proxy mines in our lobbies is not permitted.  Any accidentally dropped mines can be fixed immediately by putting 5 sticky bombs anywhere and then blowing them all up – that erases the mines.  Some gunrunning vehicles drop mines when you honk, so be sure to not honk during gunrunning deliveries.  Mines can blow up someone’s cargo hours later in our lobby and you will be held responsible.


Public Streaming a PCEO lobby (like with mixer, twitch, youtube, etc) needs to be cleared and discussed first with the PCEO Admin team.  The safety and interests of the crew come first.  A public stream could bring the wrong kind of attention to our lobbies which are intended to be a closed and safe place for business.  For this reason you’ll need to get approval first, and if so, will be given some guidelines.

Notes on Basic Protocol and Etiquette:

  • If you accidentally wrong another member, apologize to them and show them you’re friendly.  It avoids all kinds of conflict and drama. A quick “hey man, my bad” goes a long way.
  • If someone accidentally kills you, understand that accidents sometimes happen.  To everyone, even you.  Accept the apology and move on with your business.
  • If an admin, defender, or community representative contacts you about crew rules, or asks you questions about an incident, respond to them and let them know what happened. They’re not trying to police you, just making sure that everything is alright and there’s no issues.
  • If someone helps you out, return the favor.
  • Be friendly. We’re all here for the same thing, respect that.  Temper tantrums and hissy fits will get you nowhere.

Outside PCEO Lobbies, non-peaceful activity.

Wear different crew tags in public lobbies while killing, engaging in PVP or other not-peaceful activity.  We all want to represent our crew well, to the general public.  Do not leave the PCEO crew.  You can join another crew and then switch between crews very quickly from story mode.   What you do to others even without the PCEO tag, especially willful valuable cargo destruction, can cause problems later if those people decide to follow you, and goes against our values.

You can bring any issues or concerns to a PCEO Admin.  It will be discussed and the issue will be resolved.

Membership can be revoked at any time at the discretion of the Admin team.

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