Our Rules

In order to make our lobbies as safe, fun, and productive as possible, members need to read, understand and follow these rules:

1)  Wait until you are Accepted into PCEO and Confirmed for access to our lobbies.

2)  Do not invite non-PCEO players into our lobbies, and do not hire non-PCEO to your organization. Friends must apply and wait to be accepted into the crew before they can play in our lobbies.

3)  Do not destroy or steal anyone’s cargo, supplies, or import/export vehicles..

4)  You must check Discord and the player list OFTEN, and Vote To Kick the Random called out in Discord (tutorial video below).  NOTE:  The PCE7 and DCEO crew tags are PCEO members.

5)  Do not go near, and do not kill random (non-PCEO) players if they appear in our lobbies.  Leave the area immediately if there is a random near you.  If you are carrying cargo, and a random chases or attacks it, you may defend your cargo by killing the random if necessary.  Do not go for revenge – you just have the right to protect your cargo.

6)  Do not kill other members for ANY reason.

7)  Griefing, trolling, harassment, or threatening communication is not tolerated.

8)  If there is a problem or accident with another crew member, do not fight.  Record Video of what happened.  Be calm, respectful, apologize, ask a question, and work it out peacefully. Everyone here is on the same team. You can contact a crew leader to help solve problems.

9)  Breaking or ignoring PCEO rules can get you banned from the crew.

10)  You agree to follow the detailed rules HERE

How To Vote-To-Kick (VTK)
How To Edit Your Social Club Visibility